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B Barbell Wrist CurlBarbell Front Squat to Push PressBehind-the-Back Barbell Reverse Wrist CurlBack Extension with Opposite ReachBarbell Hang PullBehind-the-Back Smith Machine ShrugBack-Foot Elevated Dumbbell Split SquatBarbell Jump ShrugBench DipBalancing SquatBarbell Jump SquatBench Squat with Rotational ChopBar HoldsBarbell Lateral Step-UpBent Over Reach to SkyBarbell StepoverBarbell LungeBent-Arm Lateral Raise and External RotationBent-Knee Reverse HyperextensionBarbell Pin Bench PressBent-Knee V-UpBent-Knee Swiss Ball Reverse Hip RaiseBand External RotationBarbell Quarter SquatBob and Weave CircleBent-Leg Calf StretchBand Internal RotationBarbell RolloutBodyweight Jump SquatBiceps StretchBand-Assisted ChinupBarbell Shoulder PressBraced SquatBicycle In-OutBarbell Board Bench PressBarbell Siff SquatBridge with Leg ExtensionBody Bar Oblique TwistBarbell Box LungeBarbell Split JerkBox Step SquatBarbell Box SquatBarbell Split SquatBarbell Crossover LungeBarbell Squat with Heels RaisedBarbell Floor PressBarbell Straight-Leg Deadlift to RowBarbell Front Split SquatBarbell Towel Bench PressBarbell High PullBarbell Hip Thrust on FloorBarbell Hip Thrust with BenchBarbell Lateral LungeBarbell Push PressBodyweight SquatBicycle CrunchBarbell Reverse LungeBarbell Reverse Wrist CurlBarbell ShrugBodyweight CrunchBodyweight Walking LungeBarbell SnatchBarbell Step-UpBarbell Straight-Leg DeadliftBack SquatBarbell Upright RowBarbell Biceps CurlBehind-the-Back One-Arm Cable CurlBarbell Bulgarian Split SquatBent-Over Lateral RaiseBarbell DeadliftBodyweight DipBarbell Front SquatBosu Ball PushupBarbell Hack Squat
S Static CurlSeated Dumbbell Biceps CurlStanding EZ-Bar Biceps CurlSingle-Leg Romanian Deadlift with DumbbellsSeated Leg USide-to-Side Lunge ChopsSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Head on Bosu BallStanding L RaiseSwiss Ball Prone JackknifeSeated Barbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSide Shuffle SwitchSingle-Arm Reverse Lunge and PressSliding Lateral LungeStanding Barbell Calf Raise on FloorSumo Squat SwingSwiss Ball EZ-Bar PulloverShifting Side LungeSide-to-Side Medicine Ball ThrowsSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Head on Swiss BallSwiss Ball PushupSeated Barbell Shoulder PressSide-Lying Lateral RaiseSingle-Arm Step-Up and PressSliding Leg CurlStanding Cable CrunchSumo Squat to High PullSwiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg CurlShoulder-Tapping PushupSingle-Arm Cable Row and RotationSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Knee HoldStanding Stability Reverse ChopSwiss Ball Reverse CrunchSeated Dumbbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSide-Lying Leg LiftSingle-Dumbbell Seated Overhead Triceps ExtensionSmith Machine Bench PressStanding Dumbbell Biceps CurlSumo Squat with RotationSwiss Ball HyperextensionSide Abs Leg LiftSingle-Arm Standing Cable Reverse FlyeSingle-Leg Lowering DrillStanding T-Rotation BalanceSwiss Ball Reverse Hip RaiseSeated Dumbbell Toe RaiseSide-Stepping CurtseySingle-Leg Barbell DeadliftSpider-Man PushupSupine Hip Internal RotationSwiss Ball I RaiseSide and Crossover LungeSingle-Leg Back ExtensionSingle-Leg Side PlankStraight-Arm Plank and RaiseSwiss Ball RolloutSeated EZ-Bar Overhead Triceps ExtensionSide-to-Side Crunch and WeaveSingle-Leg Barbell Straight-Leg DeadliftSpine ExtensionStanding LiftSuspended ChinupSwiss Ball L RaiseSide Kick PlankSingle-Leg Barbell Good MorningSingle-Leg Standing Dumbbell Calf RaiseSuitcase SquatsSwiss Ball Russian TwistSeated Lateral RaiseSide-to-Side Shuffle JumpSingle-Leg Bench GetupSplit Barbell Good MorningStanding Rear Leg RaiseSuspended DipSwiss Ball Pushup PlusSide Lunge SweepSingle-Leg Bench Dip and KickSingle-Leg Swiss Ball JackknifeSuperman on Swiss BallSwiss Ball Side CrunchSeated Rear Lateral RaiseSiff Jump LungeSingle-Leg Deadlift with BarbellSplit JacksStanding Rotational ChopSuspended Inverted RowSwiss Ball Reach, Roll and LiftSide Lunge to Crossover TapSingle-Leg Bench SquatSplit-Stance ExtensionSwiss Ball Back ExtensionSwiss Ball Windshield WipersSeated Reverse Dumbbell CurlSingle-Arm Cable Chest PressSingle-Leg Decline PushupSplit-Stance Hammer Curl to PressStanding Rotational Reverse ChopSuspended PushupSwiss Ball Side PlankSide Plank LiftSingle-Leg Bent-Knee Calf RaiseSquat JacksSwiss Ball CrunchSeated Single-Arm Overhead Dumbbell ExtensionSingle-Arm DeadliftSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on BenchSplit-Stance Offset Pinky Dumbbell CurlStanding Side CrunchSwiss Ball Bodyweight Wall SquatSwiss Ball T RaiseSide Plank to Plank with Reach UnderSingle-Leg DipSquat Jumps In 'n' OutSwiss Ball Dumbbell Triceps ExtensionScaption and ShrugSerratus Chair ShrugSingle-Arm Dumbbell Bench PressSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Bosu BallSquat and Rear LungeStanding Split Rotational ChopSwiss Ball Dumbbell Chest PressSwiss Ball W RaiseSide Plank with Elbow on Bosu BallSingle-Leg Donkey Calf RaiseSquat, Plank, PushupSwiss Ball Hip CrossoverScapular RetractionSerratus ShrugSingle-Arm Dumbbell Overhead Triceps ExtensionSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Foam RollerSquat and Side KickStanding Split Rotational Reverse ChopSwiss Ball Dumbbell FlyeSwiss Ball Y RaiseSide Plank with Feet on BenchSingle-Leg Dumbbell Straight-Leg DeadliftStaggered-Stance Good MorningSwiss Ball JackknifeScissor Power SwitchShoulder CirclesSingle-Arm Dumbbell SwingSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on Medicine BallSquat Jump Onto BoxStatic Lying Triceps ExtensionSwiss Ball Dumbbell Lying Triceps ExtensionSide Plank with Knee CircleSingle-Leg Elevated-Feet PlankStanding Cable Hip AbductionSwiss Ball Opposite Arm and Leg LiftScorpionSide Lunge and PressSingle-Arm Hang SnatchSingle-Leg RDL CircuitSquats with BandStepout SwingSwiss Ball Dumbbell Shoulder PressScorpionSide Plank with Knee TuckSingle-Leg Flex and ExtendStanding Dumbbell Calf RaiseSwiss Ball PlankSeated Alternating Dumbbell Biceps CurlSide Lunge Jump-OffSingle-Arm Inverted RowSingle-Leg Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg CurlStacked-Feet PushupStraight-Leg Calf StretchSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Lying Triceps ExtensionSeated Cable RowSide Plank with Leg LiftSingle-Leg Hip RaiseStanding Hamstring StretchSwiss Ball Plank Leg LiftSeated Alternating Reverse CrunchSide Lying Hip Flexor and Quad StretchSingle-Arm Kettlebell SnatchSki MogulsStaggered-Hands PushupSumo Deadlift High PullSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Overhead Triceps ExtensionSeated Dumbbell External RotationSide Plank with Reach UnderSingle-Leg Hip Raise with Foot on StepStanding IT Band StretchSwiss Ball Plank with Feet on BenchSeated Barbell Good MorningSide Lying Leg RaiseSingle-Arm Medicine Ball PushupSleeper StretchStanding Alternating Dumbbell CurlsSumo Squat Slide-InSwiss Ball EZ-Bar Preacher CurlScaptionSingle-Arm Rope Triceps PressdownSkater Crunch CrossSmith Machine Overhead PressStatic Back ExtensionSmith Machine Upright RowStepupSumo SquatSquat ThrustsSuperman from FloorStanding Cable PulloverSwiss Ball PikeSeated Cable RowStanding Calf RaiseSeated Calf RaiseStanding Zottman Biceps CurlSeated Dumbbell RowStraight-Arm PulldownSeated Dumbbell Shoulder PressSumo DeadliftShoulder PushupSumo Squat to StandSide PlankSingle-Arm Cable RowSingle-arm Dumbbell Shoulder PressSingle-Arm Dumbbell SnatchSingle-Arm Neutral-Grip Dumbbell RowStiff-Legged Dumbbell Deadlift
X X Abs