Seven-time Mr. Olympia, Phil “The Gift” Heath new documentary film titled Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story has finally been released, and if this exclusive debut clip is anything to go by, bodybuilding fans are in for a treat.

The story will recount Heath’s successes on stage, and his attempt to move past seven Mr Olympia wins, an achievement that is tied with Arnold Schwarzenegger and has only been overtaken by Ronnie Coleman’s eight titles. The cameras follow Heath, as he makes an impressive return in 2020 after a two-year absence from the O. “In the world of bodybuilding, this could be the biggest comeback of all,” teases the man himself.

The Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest is of course the most important on this muscle-bound industry’s annual calendar. Phil Heath first won the big one in 2011 and amassed six more championships up until 2017. Could Heath do the unthinkable and regain the trophy while in his 40s? Most of you will know the answer, but we are not about to spoil the ending here!

Heath has been on a whirlwind of a press tour promoting the release of his new documentary. He recently sat down with Piers Morgan for an upcoming podcast episode, where he admits to participating in a friendly arm wrestling match with the British journalist. Heath was also spotted at last week’s Arnold UK, crushing a workout with another bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

When will ‘Breaking Olympia: The Phil Heath Story’ Be Released?

The much-anticipated documentary was set to be released early 2024 according to Universal Pictures All-Access, and finally made its debut on March 26 on Premium Video On Demand (PVOD). “Breaking Olympia” can be found on most major digital platforms. Learn more about “Breaking Olympia on Phil Heath’s Instagram channel!