The 2023 Masters Olympia is set to be held in Cluj Napoca, Romania on August 26th and 27th, and there are a lot of fans excited to see who will be crowned champion in not only the Men’s Open, but ten IFBB Pro League divisions that will be hosting contests that weekend. Tim Wilkins, Terrick El Guindy, and Chris Cormier are feeling that energy as well, and they devoted a recent episode of Prime Time Muscle to breaking down the favorites that they are looking forward to seeing back onstage.

El Guindy said “we are breaking ground here,” when talking about the weekend as a whole and how nine of these divisions will be hosting inaugural Masters Olympia shows. The original division is the Men’s Open, and the guys looked at two popular contenders, Kamal Elgargni and the returning Joshua Lenartowicz. El Guindy paid homage to Elgargni’s legacy in the sport as well as his competitive level now.

“He won the Olympia 212, and he almost won in Tampa last year,” he said. “He’s incredible.”

Cormier worked with Lenartoricz as a coach in the past, so he knows what the “King of the Gym” is capable of.

“He’s been out of action for a few years because of a health issue, but he’s back and ready to rock,” the Real Deal explained. “He’s a big guy, and I’m really anxious to see how he looks.”

The guys spoke about contenders in Women’s Bodybuilding as well. Who are your favorites that you can’t wait to see at this show? You can share your thoughts in the comments section of the show over at the Olympia TV YouTube channel. While you’re there, hit the Subscribe button so you don’t miss out on new shows of Prime Time Muscle every week as well as other great shows such as Femme Flex Friday and The Fit Rockstar Show.

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