Tiffany Stratton (real name: Jessica Woynilko) may be relatively new to the WWE Universe, but the self-proclaimed ‘Buff Barbie’ appears to be on the fast track to pro wrestling greatness thanks to her fearless attitude and her passion for training. As M&F takes a look at the former gymnast’s ‘Tiffy Training’ sessions, it appears that anyone who stands in her way of WWE gold might be forced to step aside.

Grapple fans will know the 24-year-old as a girl who is taking no prisoners on her way to the top of WWE. Trained by the legendary Greg Gagne of AWA fame, she has already held the NXT Championship and while only being part of WWE’s main roster for a few months, Stratton has wowed fans with some memorable performances, including a scintillating showing in Australia at The Elimination Chamber 2024, where she threw caution to the wind and used her body to fly through the sky and crush the competition. Stratton may have ultimately come up short in Perth, but the future looks as bright as her gym outfits.

Stratton’s secret? “Tiffy Training” of course!

WWE Wrestler Tiffany Stratton flying off a cage at the elimination chamber 2024
Courtesy of WWE

Tiffany Stratton’s ‘Tiffy Training’ Workouts

Super-fit Stratton has been keeping her 430,000 plus Instagram followers in the loop with what she likes to call “Tiffy Training,” and it appears that her workouts are fuelling her meteoric rise to the top of the WWE women’s division. Here are the exercises that she undertakes in an example full-body session, when being on the road means that it’s all or nothing:

  • Bench Press
  • Triceps Dips
  • Triceps Dips with Added Weight
  • Rowing
  • Standing Kettle Bell Press (alternating arms)
  • Push-ups
  • Inverted Barbell Rows

In another post, Stratton can be seen performing weighted pullups in a session with fellow WWE Superstar Ivy Nile. “It’s hard work… and it’s talent,” commented the epic athlete alongside the video. The future WWE champ has also provided fans with a dedicated shoulders and triceps workout.

Tiffany Stratton’s Shoulders and Triceps Workout

“Look how frikkin jacked I am,” said the star as she demonstrated this workout.

  • Lateral Dumbbell Raise: 2 Sets, 20 Reps (warmup)
  • Front Dumbbell Raises: 2 Sets, 20 Reps (warmup)

“I just do these to get the blood pumping into my shoulders,” explained the confident star.

  • Smith Machine Barbell Shoulder Press: 3 Sets, 12-15 Reps, 1 Heavy Set of 8 Reps
  • Strict Shoulder Raise
  • Rear Lateral Raise

The sets and reps were not given for the shoulder raises and rear lateral raises, since Stratton explained that the aim was to go heavy and strict, and work toward quality over quantity.

  • Triceps Cable Pushdown
    superset with
    Single-arm Cable Pushdowns

While Stratton is as flexible as they come in the wrestling ring, she is also a proponent of lifting heavy and working to failure in the gym, as her muscular frame illustrates. It’s not like she needs the ego boost, but Stratton’s workouts are earning her a ton of admiration online. “This barbie don’t play,” commented one fan. “Ok but this was actually so helpful so please keep sharing your workouts!” wrote another. Of course, gaining fans is one thing, but becoming WWE champion will require the beauty to put in plenty more Tiffy Training… and that’s good news for all of us.

Catch Tiffany Stratton each week on WWE SmackDown, and follow her “Tiffy Training” via Instagram here!