Since Dwayne Johnson returned to pro wrestling in January, he has been everywhere to promote his big match at WrestleMania XL, but when ‘The People’s Champion’ turned up incredibly late to a fan appearance on Thursday, April 4, The Rock decided to skip an apology, instead taunting the crowd with his reason for being tardy.

Johnson, one of Hollywood’s biggest box office draws, and one of the most successful WWE superstars of all time, was scheduled to appear at the WWE World fan expo at the Pennsylvania Convention Center at 4pm, but the thousands of fans gathered around the stage to see “The Great One” began to boo as 4pm soon became 5pm. In fact, it was around 5.45pm before the Moana star appeared, so after waiting for an hour and forty-five minutes, none of those who’d waited in the crowd said; “You’re welcome.” Rather than apologize however, The Rock leaned on his current on-screen ‘bad guy’ persona and poked fun of his audience instead.

“Are you booing because The Rock was supposed to be here at 4-0’clock, is that why you are booing?” asked Johnson. “You’re booing because The Rock was a little late, is that why you are booing?” he asked again as the crowd shouted back in the affirmative. “… He was watching YouTube, watching Jalen Hurts lose in the playoffs again!” mocked the movie star. Jalen Hurts, of course, plays for the home team, The Philadelphia Eagles, and unfortunately DJ couldn’t resist slinging a jibe at his negative crowd after the Eagle’s less than stellar 2023 season.

The wait was shocking, but The Rock can still electrify an audience

In truth, Johnson’s lateness to his own party was more than likely due to the insane promotional schedule that he is on. The Rock has appeared everywhere from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and even squatted Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show all in the last few weeks, in the run up to what promises to be the biggest WrestleMania of all-time. But, while he tried to redeem himself by wishing one young fan a happy birthday, the Q&A section of The Rock’s WWE World appearance served to turn the joke right back around on him when a young girl asked why he’d tried to interject himself into the WrestleMania XL main event even though he hadn’t been in or won the Royal Rumble. Eager to save face, Johnson referred to himself as ’The Final Boss,’ meaning that he can do whatever he wants. Of course, Johnson’s bravado is largely due to the heel character that he is currently playing in his latest WWE run. His cocky attitude and throwback Versace shirts have been a big hit, and the 51-year-old former ten-time WWE champion has a spring in his step as he looks forward to tagging with his cousin Roman Reigns to face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

WrestleMania takes place on April 6 and 7 from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, with more than 60,000 fans expected each night. Limited tickets remain @TICKETMASTER and the show will stream live on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network internationally.